Southern Jutland

The Danish wadden sea


The danish Wadden Sea, the gendarme trail, attractive beaches, slopes with steep slopes and breathtaking woodlands signify the unique nature that gives a break from everyday life and is considered a must see in Southern Jutland.

From the wadden garden and the flat marsh landscape in the west to the fjord landscape with hills in the east, nature in southern Jutland is an unspoilt and authentic piece of Denmark. A wealth of experiences – from beautiful hiking trails, to relaxing days on the beach, wind-blowing trips on moutain biking, sailing in popular waters, adventures in the forests and nature experiences such as the Black Sun and the Wadden Sea rich wildlife.

History of southern jutland


Southern Jutland’s history contains both dramatic moments, breathtaking castles and manor houses that are preserved today.

The story comes into play when you visits Dybbøl Banke and looks out over Broagerland, from where the Prussian grenades rained down over the barges and wounded Denmark with a loss of southern Jutland. The history exists, and if you close your eyes, you can feel the sounds, smells and fears of the History Center 1864.


The culture of southern jutland


The culture is flourishes in Southern Jutland and today is home to a number of creative souls. Throughout the area there are small galleries, which are theater performances, concerts, special museums and creative events. The cultural enthusiasm is also reflected in the exciting architecture – with both historical and modern aspects.

The time under German rule has influenced the Art Nouveau style of the shopping towns and the 17th century gables. Today, more than a hundred brick buildings on the east coast of the 19th and 20th centuries stand between architectural gems. Sønderborg offers the culture within with their own revue, which typically runs from late May to late July.

A wealth of experiences


Throughout Southern Jutland there is a wealth of different, fun, wild and exciting experiences. The Universe Adventure Park is the place where you can experience the wild powers of nature – the fun of science.

History center Dybbøl Banke lets everyone be a soldier for a day, make toys or bake pancakes, as they did in the old days.

The summer in Southern Jutland offers ring-riding in every city with lots of partying, colors and fireworks – and of course a children’s country as well as amusement with stalls, carousels and a fair market.

Ring riding is a firm and proud tradition in Southern Jutland that has roots back in the Middle Ages, where knights raced against one another on horseback for great entertainment, with time the opponent was replaced with a ring.

At the castle in Sønderborg, riders wearing beautiful medieval suits spend the summer going through a historic display in the ring rider sport.

Space for shopping


As a rule, there must also be room for the “shopping gene” to be aired, which is a great opportunity for both the Danish and the German side of the border, with a wide range of shops, ranging from small specialty shops to shopping centers.

For anyone with a sweet tooth, you will find some of Europe’s biggest candy stores at the border country – it is like an edible colorful party and is an unforgettable experience for young and old.

Also visit the Papirmuseet (Papermuseets), which provides inspiration for flowers, animals and art in quilling as well as folding boxes, clips and party ideas. Paper that is worth an experience.


The southern jutland cuisine


Get a bite of  the southern jutland, as “Southern Jutland cuisine” is a very special experience for all senses.
The regional gastronomy is well-preserved in Southern Jutland, and “Southern Jutland” is the synonym for quality.

For centuries, the traditions of southern Jutland have been preserved for exquisite raw materials and masterful craftsmanship.

In particular, it is the special geography of southern Jutland – from the flat grassy marsh in the west to the large plantations to the fat mud in the east, which over time has created ideal conditions for the development of a varied cuisine with countless seasonal flavors one must not miss.

At Aarø it is possible to taste wine from the local wine grower, who, as the only one in Denmark, also produces seaweed wine.

Food traditions


After the war in 1864, it was especially important for the Danish inhabitants to uphold food traditions and, among other things, here comes the famous Southern Jutland coffee table.

However the inspiration and renewal were created for traditions of sausages and smoked products from the times under German rule.

It is believed that modern southern jutland fusion cuisine is Danish gastronomy when it is best is strongest in relation to traditions and wherever you find “Southern Jutish” it is in south jutland the true south jutland cuisine is found with a large selection of local produce and countless fresh and traditional rich dishes.

Enjoy a Wadden Sea Tapas in beautiful surroundings on the west coast, the traditional Southern Jutland coffee table in several places in Southern Jutland, a lunch at Krusmølle, behind your own bread at Sillerup Mill and end with a tour of Fuglsang and taste the local beer and watch the soda production. 



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